Cynthia S. Aikman is a business development specialist focusing on emerging and expanding businesses.  Cynthia’s passion is to apply her talents in partnership with tech savvy business owners who prefer to delegate responsibilities for business management.

Cynthia has successfully prepared business owners to step into new opportunities by acting as a process partner, making connections to and with human, financial and information resources.

Accomplishments include the following:

  • $6 Million New Markets Tax Credit Deal funded (pending)
  • Emerging business competition: nominated and coached successful candidates to finish in the top five of 76 applicants
  • Attracting equity to emerging manufacturing company
  • Financial planning
  • Programming and delivering leadership development experiences
  • Business plan preparation and review
  • Empire Zone application and certification
  • Research and business case testing to determine feasibility of business concepts
  • Securing site locations

Cynthia brings a wealth of planning expertise and business cultivation knowledge to the process of leading emerging and growing companies to their highest potential. Her unique style of direct communication coupled with emotional intelligence makes her a sought-after process partner for many CEOs and managers.

Cynthia’s contracts range from 5 to 20 hours month and can take place over a span of 3 months to several years, depending on need and level of intensity desired by the client. Her flexibly stems from understanding that each business is unique in its approach to growth and dynamic in its own right.